Personal Deliveries

40% of UK workers now have personal packages delivered to their workplace.

8% receive one every single day.

But all those courier vans deliver a huge amount of harmful fumes as well.

BEE Midtown Personal Deliveries will combat this.

Supported by funding from TfL, our new service directs personal packages to a single, remote consolidation centre. A fully electric vehicle then delivers them en masse to company postrooms in Midtown. They are then delivered into your hands as usual.

Midtown members can do their bit to improve air quality and congestion by signing up today. It's simple and hassle free.

STEP 1: Fill in your details below to receive a unique code and the BEE Midtown Personal Deliveries address. Both will appear onscreen and be sent to you via email. Keep them safe.

STEP 2: When placing an order with any online retailer, include the unique code after your name e.g. John Smith '1012'.

STEP 3: Use the special BEE Midtown Personal Deliveries address.

Once your package has arrived at the BEE Midtown Personal Deliveries address, you will receive an email confirmation. You will also have access to a web-portal so you can track your delivery in real time. Your package will then be dispatched to your workplace and you will receive a final email confirmation that delivery is complete.

Queries about a pending delivery? Get in touch.

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