Daily Essentials

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve Midtown, we’re introducing BEE Midtown Daily Essentials.

With support and investment from TfL, this service changes how you get your office basics – milk, bread, tea, fruit boxes – by consolidating all those separate deliveries into one.

It will hugely simplify your business by decreasing the amount of time and man power you spend on all those different contracts, orders, invoices, delivery arrivals, purchase orders and so on.

Instead, you’ll deal with just one supplier, Jones Bros, who’s been delivering fresh dairy and produce around London for over 100 years.

Better yet, Midtown members can sign up now and get 10% off all orders.

This service will not only impact your business but our local environment - one delivery van instead of several for each participating workplace means less congestion and better air quality.

Together, we can improve not just how we do business, but where.


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