Met Police Officers are carrying out security penetration tests to highlight weaknesses in workplaces, following a rise in walk-in thefts in the area.

Penetration test – ID challenge:

Officers from your local police station will be conducting patrols in plain clothes in the area, with the specific goal of testing how robust your premises are in order to prevent burglaries. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of anyone claiming to be a police officer, please take the following steps:

– Ask to see their warrant card (please don’t ask to take it from them – an officer will not readily hand their warrant to you)

– Request their shoulder number and their name. Your local officers’ shoulder numbers will be in the format of a three-digit number, followed by the letters E.K

– Request their warrant number (a six-digit number written across the warrant card next to the picture)

– Call 101 and ask the operator to check the validity of these details. The operator can search for all police officers within IT systems to verify who they are.

Those premises in which officers are able to gain access into unauthorised or private areas will be advised of the breach, and support or advice meetings will be offered at Holborn police station. These are intended to discuss how you can improve crime prevention.